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Published by: Gold Expert on September 01, 2015

We have two large denomination notes available to rare bank note collectors, both certified by PMG as VF-35. The $500 note from 1934 features President McKinley who was assassinated in 1901. It is offered for $1,295 on our web site.  The $1,000 1934 Federal Reserve Bank Note PMG VF-35 is offered on our web site for $2,395. Both are very choice examples of rare large denomination bank notes. Click on the images to view the listings.

$500 1934 Federal Reserve Bank Note PMG VF-35

Would you believe that back in the 1930's Americans had $500 and $1,000 bills to conduct business with? In an age before credit cards and ATM's citizens had access to real money. In 1928, a $500 bill was roughly equivalent to $6,000 today, adjusted for inflation etc. These large denomination notes circulated until President Nixon took them out of circulation in 1969, ostensibly to combat organized crime. The government's argument against issuing large denomination bills include counterfeiting, terrorism, tax evasion, organized crime, and generally barbarians at the gate. The end of large cash transactions has led to a loss of privacy for Americans. It's no one's business but yours what you do with your money. Or is it really the governments money?

$1,000 1934 Federal Reserve Bank Note PMG VF-35

Remember when people actually paid cash for things? Now that all of your "money" is in bank databases, the government can watch your money, analyze your transactions, and reach in and help itself to some without due process - seriously, google Civil Forfeiture. Don't be surprised when they institute a tax on your bank deposits, Switzerland has one. In the meantime, invest in your rare coin and currency collection. What numismatics you own is private, at least for now.......