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  • Platinum Pt $1183.80 $21.01
  • Palladium Pd $2703.00 $-18.57
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Penny Pincher Coins is a leading online and in-store precious metals and bullion dealer. We specialize in United States gold coins, American Gold Eagles, and gold bullion coins from around the world. Our website maintains an accurate inventory and up to the minute pricing based on the changed in the global price of spot Gold. 

There can be a lot of fraud with online bullion transactions, so we only accept a few forms of payment. An online bullion order is a binding contract and not completing the transaction in a timely manner can lead to market losses being charged to your account.

How Is Gold Bullion Priced

Buying gold bullion and coins can be intimidating at first. There are three factors for gold bars and bullion coins that determine their value.

1. AGW - Actual Gold Weight. This is how gold bullion is bought and sold, not by karats, plumb weight, or purity. The actual gold weight is often referred to in catalogs and is the Plumb Weight x Purity. 

2. Spot Price. I used to trade in these markets in my days in NY. Spot price is the price of gold for 2-day delivery at a repository, generally in Lower Manhattan. This is a global price, in dollars, that fluctuates pretty much all the time.

3. Premium. Keep in mind that the people who make the bars or coins pay Spot plus shipping to get the raw gold to them in the first place. The premium is additive to the gold value and is really a market consideration based on how much demand there is for that form of gold on that day.

So, the price of a gold bar or bullion coins is:

      ( AGW x Spot Price ) + Premium

Novice buyers often think that buying low premium items is best. That is not the case. The Premium is a market driven reflection of demand and supply. A high premium item is obviously in demand and we will pay more for it when you want to sell. A low premium coin is not in high demand and our bids will reflect this.